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ooo Do you want oooooo Secret ooo

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ooo Secret ooo

Hey'a guys. I will tell you my big secret. I am a fake... :( and I know is wrong but I don't know why I make this :(. Please you can forgive me? And I promise I will never make this!!!

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xDemmzLovato 6 May 2010  
I forgive u :)
DebbsRyan 30 April 2010  
yep i forgive ya
SelzzGomezMe 27 April 2010  
Oh,ok my sweetie :) I forgive you <3 Thanks cuz you said the truth!!It means a lot for all :):):):) xo,
Ash4fans 27 April 2010  
Thank you a lot Selena. I know You are the real Selena. Thank you again :*.
SelzzGomezMe 27 April 2010  
Thank you (K) And no problem ;) The truth it's always better, my dear <3 xoxo
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